Updated: Tuesday Sept 26, 2023.

Fuel (Unleaded Petrol/Diesel will be sold on Wednesday and Saturday morning between 8-10 am only.

Cash or EFTPOS purchases only

Community members wishing to purchase fuel will be required to pre-pay/purchase fuel (either diesel or unleaded)  from the Outback Store.

Note that customers should only pay for enough fuel to fill or partially fill their tank as it will not be possible to process refunds.

The Outback Store will process the transaction through its ‘point of sale’ register and issue a till receipt for the amount and type of fuel purchased to the customer.

Community members will give the receipt to Fr James who then provide the exact dollar value and type of fuel.

All receipts for fuel will be retained by the Monastery.

Purchase Order (Approved Account Holders) purchases only

Community members wishing to purchase fuel using a purchase order will be required to send a copy of the Purchase Order to the following email address accounts@broomediocese.org  the day prior to the purchase.

On the day of the purchase the community member will provide the purchase order to Father James and will be provided the type of fuel requested. An invoice noting the purchase order number, date of the  transaction and amount of fuel purchased will be sent in the day following the purchase.

The Mission Email Address: kalumburumission@bigpond.com

The Mission Fuel Station sells Unleaded Petrol and Diesel.

Please note: Kalumburu Mission NO longer sells AVGAS or refuels planes.

[This page last updated: September 26, 2023]

Pumping fuel